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New Predictor for NHL is a prediction system which relies on predictions made by users with a great chance of predicting correctly, unlike regular sport analytic websites.


Q- My picks do not load; I can’t see them, what is the reason?
Answer: Picks are removed as soon as matches start and you cannot see the picks for the previous games either. New picks will be available after 11:00 A.M (ET). Refreshing the prediction page after this time is recommended.

Q- My prediction results are not shown in the history page and my prediction accuracy has not changed, what is the reason?
Answer: The match results are not uploaded instantly after the match ends but they will definitely be done daily and before 11:00 A.M (ET).

Q- I have predicted numerous matches but my prediction accuracy percentage is low. Should I start over and set up a new account?
Answer: Based on our experiences if you do not change your method of prediction, setting up a new account is just a waste of time. Instead of getting new accounts, you should try to improve your prediction techniques.

Q- How can I predict more accurately?
Answer: The first thing you should know is that the analyzer websites won’t help you at all. You need to be informed and get the news and events updates in detail. Get advice from professionals. If you rely only on chance, then you have no chance! Get to know the game and the players and keep up with the news.


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